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Powerline Ethernet Bridge Support wind power generation
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Powerline Ethernet Bridge Support wind power generation


1. Industry background

With the construction of a large number of wind farms, wind field substation SCADA monitoring system, wind field video security system, wind generator remote monitoring system is also a large number of applications, the construction of monitoring system for fan safety monitoring, improve the utilization rate of wind energy, improve the work efficiency of the fan, wind farm safety monitoring are very important. However, these systems need industrial power carrier for network support because of their harsh application environment, remote location and difficulty in maintenance. 

2. environmental requirements

Wind farm demand for network equipment:
1.wind power application environment is bad, the temperature difference between day and night is large, the sand is serious, the required working temperature: -40 ~ 75℃ storage temperature: -45 ~ 85℃, storage humidity: 0% ~ 95%, no condensation.
2. The electromagnetic environment is harsh, and industrial-grade power carrier equipment is required to have strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability and long average fault-free time.
3. in order to ensure the security of remote monitoring data, power carrier equipment needs to have a comprehensive network security Settings.

3. Solutions

Wind turbine monitoring system has automatic start, stop, smooth grid-connection, two-speed switching, automatic wind, data detection and processing, fault recording and automatic protection and other local control functions of wind turbine. At the same time, it has the functions of real-time display, statistical processing of operation data, operation fault record alarm, measurement of wind speed and power characteristic curve, startup, shutdown, left and right yaw, modification of wind turbine operating parameters and other remote monitoring functions in the central monitoring room. It consists of three parts: local control part, central centralized control part and communication part. According to the application of different fans, the network communication is divided into two parts: the internal control communication part of the fan, the network communication part between the fan and the fan or the network communication part between the fan and the control center.
Power carrier industrial equipment with high real-time performance and stability is selected as network equipment.
It mainly refers to the communication between the fan engine room and the tower tower. It is responsible for monitoring the following data: 1. Power parameters include the three-phase voltage of the power grid, the three-phase current output by the generator, the frequency of the power grid and the power factor of the generator, etc. 2, wind parameters: wind speed, wind direction; 3, wind turbine state parameters: generator speed and wind turbine speed, temperature (generator, controller, bearing, speed increment oil temperature, etc.), cable torsion, mechanical brake condition, engine room vibration, oil level; 4. Feedback signal: recover interblade spoiler, release mechanical brake, release yaw brake, generator off-grid and speed drop signal after off-grid, etc.
Current internal control communication is through the fan fan between the cabin and Kentucky tend to make a pair of fiber optic transceivers, installation and maintenance of inconvenience, so kunshan electricity network science and technology special launch industrial-grade power carrier equipment, through the power line transmission signal, avoid wiring, only need a pair of equipment is very good solve such problems.

4.Industrial-grade powerline ethernet bridge  products of Kunshan Wondertek Technology

1. Good equipment characteristics & installation ease, wide temperature, anti-vibration, anti-disturbance design:
Operating temperature: -40 ~ 85℃, storage humidity: 5 ~ 90%(non-condensation); Fan-less cooling technology of metal aluminum shell; Rate adaptive; Compatible with all G.n equipment; DIN rail installation; Support 7*24 hours all-weather work; Packet loss rate less than: 0.1%; Have hardware watchdog function
2. Reliable and stable work in harsh electromagnetic environment:
Through the detection of industrial electromagnetic compatibility, effective prevention of surge, electrostatic interference: high voltage AC electric field, electrostatic field, arc, SCR, etc.; Natural disturbance: lightning shock, various electrical discharges, magnetic storms, etc.

5. the conclusion

As a professional manufacturer of industrial-grade power carrier equipment, Kunshan Power Carrier Technology Co., Ltd. provides expert-level solutions for wind farms: With the use of advanced industrial Ethernet communication technology to realize the effective monitoring of wind farm, to ensure the safety, reliability, stability of the whole system, improve the power generation efficiency of the fan, the standard communication protocol also provides convenience for other business access.



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