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Breaking the high bandwidth de
Breaking the high bandwidth demand of Intelligent Transporta
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Breaking the high bandwidth demand of Intelligent Transportation 

With the continuous development of information technology, high-definition video transmission, multimedia playback, voice transmission, and equipment operation data visualization management and other services are more and more widely used in the transportation industry such as tram, subway and railway, and the demand for high bandwidth is also increasing, but the original equipment manufacturing standards can not meet the current demand for information interaction. Therefore, how to achieve high bandwidth transmission based on the original equipment has been restricting the intelligent promotion of the industry.

Kunshan wondertek Technology Co., Ltd. has provided our company with a full range of research and experiment scenarios through many years of carrier technology research and development and industry technology accumulation, and thanks to the full cooperation of relevant industry project teams in Germany. Our company has developed a set of high-speed carrier network bridge that can fully meet the transmission between boxes of trams, subways, railways, etc. The original power line, broadcast line and other lines can be used to realize the network transmission of up to 2000 Mbps, which is the most solid step for the transportation industry to realize the intelligence.


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