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Port container yard applications for industrial wireless
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一. Industry background

In the face of the development trend of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the global port and shipping field, a port group in East China has carried out intelligent transformation of its original container yard. In order to meet the requirements of unmanned operation, it is ready to transform all the lifting operations of all yards into intelligent unmanned lifting experimental areas.

 二.Environmental requirement

In the transformation scheme, each working roadway customer uses 1 large 41T tire crane; Each tire crane is equipped with eight 4-megapixel high-definition cameras to monitor the lifting process in real time;
Each roadway is about 500 meters long, and the container stacking level is 5 layers;
Tire hanging in the length of about 500 meters of the roadway in a straight line movement, the yard container containers stacked dense, towering. The storage yard has high-power machinery and equipment, and the environmental interference is large. Customers have tested several wireless products before. However, due to the crane running distance is far, there are a large number of steel products in the yard, the wireless environment interference is large, and the 8 high-definition cameras also have high requirements for network bandwidth, so if the crane runs to the far end, the monitoring screen will be stuck, and the communication between the control center and the crane will even break the network.
Since this problem has not been solved, the customer has also considered the use of waveguide communication solutions. But there are many problems:
1) The installation requirements of the waveguide are high and the cycle is long
2) It is expensive
3) Port safety requirements are high, and the construction surface affects the normal working time of adjacent unmodified equipment


The customer finally gave up the waveguide communication solution and chose the wireless communication solution of Netpower Technology for testing first. After the engineers of Netpower Technology arrived at the scene, the client WD-G40C was installed in the electrical control room of the tire crane and connected to the switch by network cable, and the dual-frequency directional antenna WD-DA2458V-8V8-NK was installed in the external wall of the electrical control room through the feeder. It can be seen from the figure that there are more metal objects and containers, in this case, the shielding of wireless signals is actually very serious (see the figure below).
A WD-G40A and dual-frequency fixed line antenna was installed at the starting point of the working tunnel as the transmitting end. The G40A connects to the control center through the gigabit SFP optical fiber port. Engineers conducted channel scanning on site to select the optimal channel, and successfully set up the wireless network after simple configuration (see the figure below).

The hoisting operation is accurately controlled by the remote system of the control center shore bridge. During the crane moving operation, the monitoring picture is clear and smooth, the data performance is ideal, and the network bandwidth reaches 260M stably (see the following picture).

四.Kunshan Wondertek technology industrial wireless communication products

Netpower's G40 series industrial wireless has always been known for its excellent stability and strong anti-interference. The WD-G40 is a newly released product based on IEEE 802.11ac wave2 technology. Its operating temperature, input power, surge, ESD and seismic design are in line with industry standards and relevant certifications, and can operate in 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands, 2.4G and 5G dual-channel baseband, to ensure real-time wireless connection, in the case of more shielding, communication is more stable.
In this case, the network bandwidth reached 260M in such a harsh environment, and the data transmission rate of 5G band was as high as 650Mbps. This performance perfectly supports the transmission of video signals and industrial control. At the request of the customer, it has been tested on site for 2 weeks, and it always works normally. The customer is very satisfied, and said that all the subsequent transformation cases will be provided by our network electronics technology products.

五.Scheme conclusion

As a professional manufacturer of industrial wireless equipment, Kunshan Netpower Technology provides expert-level communication solutions for the vast number of industrial sites, making customers very satisfied and ensuring stable communication in harsh industrial environments.

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