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Industry WiFi support port unlimited monitoring system
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Kunshan Industrial WiFi - assisted port crane operation video surveillance

As we all know, the total length of the dock shoreline is more than 1000 meters, and 10 shoreline machines are deployed in the front of the dock. Each shoreline machine is equipped with a high-definition camera, and its monitoring data need to be fed back to the operator and background monitoring personnel in real time.
Deployment difficulties:
1. High bandwidth
2. Roaming switch exists in the coastal line mobile operation of the gate machine
3. Interference from other AP at dock
4. The door crane rotates 360°, and the wireless signal is easily blocked by the jib/operating platform of the door crane
5. Redundant deployment

We help customers to solve:
Kunshan Wondertek Technology engineers survey, combined with the dock situation, "according to local conditions" the use of Kunshan Wondertek Industry WIFI high broadband, large capacity AP. Reasonably deploy AP and optimize channel at the gate base of central station and wharf front. Send back high quality video to customers.
WD-G40A industrial wireless AP supports IEEE 802.11AC Wave2 technology with a data transmission rate of up to 1733 Mbps, meeting the growing demand for fast data transmission in the industry. Wd-g40a's operating temperature, power input design, surge, ESD and vibration meet industry standards and certifications. The dc power supply and PoE power supply can be used for dual redundancy to ensure power supply stability and facilitate deployment. The WD-G40A operates in 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands with a 2.4g and 5G dual-channel baseband to ensure wireless real-time connectivity. And backward compatibility with existing 802.11a/ B/G/N devices, ensuring your wireless deployment can meet future requirements.
Kunshan Wondertek technology design wireless solutions, the perfect solution to the grocery terminal door machine video transmission problem. Relevant personnel can timely adjust the operation process according to the actual situation, improve the loading and unloading efficiency, so that the information system can timely reflect all kinds of on-site production information, further improve the company's production management level through information, which has been highly recognized by the dock leaders, and has been popularized and used in the major docks in Shanghai.
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