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Industrial Powerline Ethernet Bridge - The Best "Companion"
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Industrial Powerline Ethernet Bridge
                                                     The Best "Companion" of stacker Communication

With the continuous advancement of industry 4.0, intelligent three-dimensional library has become the most important part of the operation of intelligent manufacturing system, which is particularly important to ensure the efficient operation of intelligent manufacturing system. After years of development, the design and construction technology of Chinese three-dimensional warehouse has become mature and widely used in various enterprises, which plays an irreplaceable role in reducing cost and increasing efficiency and enhancing the core competitiveness of Chinese enterprises.
The efficient operation of the three-dimensional storehouse needs the assistance of all kinds of equipment, especially the stacker, which has become the guarantee of the efficient operation of the three-dimensional storehouse because of its efficient working efficiency. Stacker in the operation of the accuracy, stability, timeliness and so on are always questioning the stability and reliability of communication. Early industry, the various technologies in manufacturing early development of countries and regions, China's industrial communications infrastructure are mostly dependent on imports, so the cost and efficiency is very unfriendly to Chinese enterprises, combined with the wave cloud had been taken in recent years, the international situation and not ease the chip crisis, imported equipment basic goods period are not guaranteed, That's a red flag for companies.
Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as Powerline Technology) has been focusing on the scientific research, product design and manufacturing of power carrier technology and engineering applications in different industries for 14 years. We perceive the needs of the industry, understand the changes of the market, through continuous technical research and product upgrading to create targeted special power carrier communication products for different industries. In view of the communication difficulties and industry pain points of domestic stacker, the powerline Ethernet bridge WD-2001M-DIN is specially designed for stacker application.
WD-2001M-DIN is an industrial power grid bridge specially designed for stacker, perfectly meeting the strict requirements of stacker in communication. From now on, China's intelligent stereo communication can not rely on expensive imported infrared transmission, leakage wave communication equipment. The reliability, economy and practicability of this product have been recognized by the market, which greatly reduces the communication cost, shortens the construction period, ensures the communication quality and improves the market competitiveness of enterprises.


The stacker adopts sliding contact line power supply, which perfectly fits the application characteristics of power carrier equipment without wiring, and the power supply of sliding contact line is stable, and the carrier equipment can realize stable data transmission through sliding contact line.
WD-2001M-DIN features: High-end CPU speed up to 2000M; Stable operation: 7 days 24 hours a day work, never crash; Strong anti-interference capability: PLC Turbo technology, MIMO multi-communication and SISO single-channel communication are perfectly compatible; Long transmission distance: transmission distance up to 600 meters; Ultra wide voltage design, to meet the requirements of industrial field voltage. Industrial EtherNet protocol stack: Supports Profinet EtherNet/IP Modbus TCP.


Imported infrared and leakage wave equipment, the cost is expensive, a single starer infrared configuration cost is nearly ten thousand yuan higher than WD-2001M-DIN, grid technology is committed to creating high-quality communication products for partners at the same time to reduce unnecessary expenses; It has a perfect supply chain system, professional automation production line, to ensure the quality of products and delivery time.
Power grid technology power carrier product installation is simple and convenient management, low failure rate, 5 years of warranty. The product has been used in all walks of life, such as tobacco, new energy, automotive electronics, etc., its stable communication quality and low delay effect, has been recognized by numerous manufacturers at home and abroad.



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