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Mine under High Speed Ethernet Transfer System(UHSTSTM)
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Mine under High Speed Ethernet Transfer System(UHSTSTM)---Using Power Cores
---Powerline communication technology

Data out                             Data to PLC respectively personal computer(PC) active
Data in                               Data from  PLC respectively personal computer(PC) active
Siso                                    Data transmission in only 2 cores (send or receive)  
Mimo                                 Data transmission in 3 cores  (at the same time)
Master                                Controlling unit within one work group
Point to point connect        Direct connection between 2units for the exchange of information
Slave                                  Controlled unit within one work group
Repeater                             Extend the plc signal
Coupler                              Inject signal to cores  
Model: WD-B1201M-DIN-SF         Model:WD-B1200M-R           Model: WD-UFC3


The next generation of underground communication solutions--UHSETSTM (Underground High Speed Ethernet Transfer System)---Using Power Cores offers reliable underground communications using power cores, promoting assisted automation and improved mining operations in complex environments underground
we know that one of the biggest challenges underground is communication between sites and the surface. Underground sites will continue to have fewer people and higher automation to minimise the danger to humans and maximise productivity.
Network challenges in underground mining include confined spaces, lack of GPS, explosive atmosphere, weak strata and complex mining machinery. As such, use of powerline for communications is best for underground, tethered vehicles. Our UHSETS tm  products are designed to use G.hn technology underground with the ability to real-time system data, productivity analysis, voice and video, as well as monitoring.
*With 1*100/1000M Ethernet port
*Integration with wireless access points
*Utilises  existing trailing cable infrastructure
*Transmits live machine data to surface seamlessly
*High bandwidth - usually 500Mbps MAX 
*Communications from the face & between equipment, to surface or existing *infrastructure
*Reliability that is the best in the industry
*Simple installation “PLUG & PLAY”
*Full 3 year warranty and servicing
*Longwall shearer with 500 metre trailing cable
*PHY data rate 1000Mbps
*TCP delay, 20ms MAX
*Provides colour LED indication of speed/ activity for EtherNet and Power Line network ports.
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Types of Operation 2


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