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Brief introduction

DIN Rail Industrial PLC Ethernet Bridge WD-1201M-DIN(V3)-I/O is a powerline telecommunication product which developed by WonderTek Technology (KunShan) Co.,LTD., it supports HomePlugAV2 protocol. it has been widely used in railway, mineral, industrial communication, airport, subway, coal mine, intelligent storage, industrial automation control, automatic garage and other wired or sliding contact line and many other sites.

1.1 Highlight

1.1.1 Technical parameters            

 Support HomePlug/HomePlugAV2.
 Industrial DIN rail style installation.
 Actual bandwidth up to 550Mbps.
 The maximum transfer distance up to 500 meters.
 Self-adapt the rate.
 One Domain Master can manage 127pcs End Point.
 Support I/O in or out

1.1.2 Manageability

 Support Remote Firmware update(TR069).
 802.3D Ethernet Bridge.
 802.1Q VLAN.
 Quality of Service(QoS) .

1.1.3Operating environment

 Working temperature:  -20℃-80℃.
 Operating humidity: 10%-85% no condense.
 Storage humidity:5%-90% no condense.

1.1.4 Design standards

 IEC 60529    IEC 50022    IEC 60068-2-6   MIL-STD-810G      HomePlugAV

 Model  WD-1201M-DIN(V3)-I/O
 Interface  1*LAN 10/100/1000Base-TX self adaption RJ45,1* Power interface 1* Four- terminal I/O input/output port 
 LED display light  Ethernet  PLC  Power
 Transfer frequency  2-68MHz
 Protocol(PHY)  IEEE802.3,IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.3u  HomePlugAV2
 Security  128-AES
 Transfer rate(PHY)  1200Mbps
 Number of each group  128
 Modulation  OFDM
 Effective transfer rate  TCP/IP    550Mbps
 802.1D Ethernet Bridge
 802.1Q VLAN
 Quality of Service(QoS)
 Operating temperature  -20℃-80℃
 Size  120*90*45mm(L×W×H)
 Working voltage  AC85-520V
 Weight  0.30kg
 Operating environment  Operating humidity:10%-85% (no condense)
 Storage humidity: 5%-90%(no condense)
 Certification  FCC、CE class B,WEEE,RoHS

1.2 Features

(1) Packet loss:≤0.1%(100M,load 70%).
(2) Support 7*24 hours all weather operation.
(3) Hardware watch dog function.
(4) PING≤2MS.

1.3 Immunity of ESD

The testing voltage which the device should be beared: ±6kV direct Discharge, ±8kV air discharge.
Discharge number in Each sensitive testing point: Plus-n-Minus 10 times each,
Every time the discharge interval is 1 s, according to B/T 17626.2-2006.

1.4 Immunity of electrical fast transient impulse group(Common mode)

The testing voltage which the device should be beared:
between the power supply voltage port and ground: ±2.0kV; 
between signal circuit and ground: ±1.0kV;
repetition frequency: 5KHz, test duration: 1 min/ time; 
testing times: Plus-n-Minus 5 times each.
According to GB/T 17626.4-2008.

1.5 Anti interference of surge impact

The testing voltage which the device should be beared: ±2kV; 
The interval of continuous impulses: 1min/time;
Test number: Plus-n-Minus 5 times each.
According to GB/T 17626.5-2008.(protection: all models protection and varistor series of discharge tube type)


1.6 Anti- vibration

Meet the demand of MX3 in TB1433(0-200Hz,2g acceleration,  maximum amplitude 7mm), interface with no loose, device with no Sealing off and drop in the test.

1.7 System Topology


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