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1.2Gbps Powerline Ethernet Bridge with PoE (AT)


WD-1204MH-PoE HomePlug AV2 1200Mbps Powerline Ethernet Bridge design on a concept of No New Wires data communications, and it transforms your in-house or industrial powerline into a networking infrastructure. It successfully reduce "dead spot", increase throughput and increase network coverage within a home,automated production line. Surf the Internet and share data at the speed up to 1200Mbps PHY rates through powerline. And Every Ethernet port built-in PoE injector to provide DC55V,30w power via CAT5E / CAT6.
WD-1204MH-PoE HomePlug AV2 It features faster processing power, Fast Ethernet host interfaces and an enhanced analog front end. The solution is compliance with IEEE1901 , Homeplug AV2 and hence allowing hassle free compatibility with existing HomeplugAV/Homeplug AV2 devices and other suppliers of IEEE 1901 PLC (Powerline Communication) devices and  IEEE 802.3at/af compliant Midspan or Endpoint (Option) PSE.

Voltage or currents of the data signals on Bus systems are often too low to achieve a reliable and trouble-free data transmission. Sliding contact surfaces tend to form coddle layers and may cause short-time interruptions in contaminated environments. To achieve low and constant contact resistance between contact surfaces and current collector, WD-1204MH-PoE increases the power level of the data signals, In connection with double current collectors this allows a safe and reliable data transmission. The increase of the signal level also produces a strong insensibility to inductive and capacitive interference form neighboring conductors to the bus system (e.g. on cable reels, festoons or longer supplies).The transparent data transmission prevents relevant retardation times or long-time transmission records. Reference system with system connection to various automation computers with standard interfaces TCP/IP 10/100/1000 ETH in operation.






4*LAN10/100/1000Base-TX applied for RJ45 interface

LED display lights

PWR(power light), PLC(PLC signal light),
ETH(Ethernet light)  PoE(PoE signal light)

Transmission Frequency

2-68MHz and 30-68MHz MIMO


HomePlug AV2
IEEE 802.3  IEEE 802.3u 10/100/1000Ethernet Standard
IEEE802.3at  Standard



Transfer rate(PHY)




Support operating system

Windows 98/ME/NT/2003/7 Windows XP
Home/Pro Mac OSX  Linux

Power over Ethernet

Provides 55V,30w for PD (Power device)  Every Ethernet port

Power source

AC 85V-265V 60/50Hz

Operating environment

working temperature:-20℃-85℃
working humidity 10%-90% non-condensed state








WD-1204MH-PoE are used for Conductor rails in interiors,e.g.in

.High storage warehouses
.Crane systems
.Transport systems
.Hand-operated overhead conveyor systems
.Handling systems


Slip ring bodies in

.Rotary cranes,excavators
.Water treatment works
.Amusement rides
.Packing machines

Cables for

.Cable reels
.Control cables
.Crane systems


(1) High-Speed powerline Ethernet Bridge with  Ethernet interface for fast data transfer over the existing household power supply;

(2) The high-speed transfer rates of 1200Mbps even make it possible to transmit video in DVD quality;

(3) No need new wires and use at any power socket with up to ranges of 500 meters;

(4) Simple plug and easy to install;

(5) Fully compliant with IEEE 802.3 / 802.3u, IEEE 802.3at/af and HomePlugAV2 standard;

(6) Provide DC 55V power for the PoE PD over CAT5E / CAT6;

(7) Provide 128-bit AES link encryption for Powerline networks;

(8) Up to 1200Mbps data rate on Powerline networking;

(9) Allow user to connect PCs and other devices conveniently via any power outlet at home;

(10) IEEE 802.3at/af compliant Midspan or Endpoint (Option) PSE.


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