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Long Distance Two Core Transmission Solution                           

WD-V101-G is a new generation of DSL broadband network technology that uses digital technology to expand the transmission of existing telephone lines (twisted pair copper wire). WD-V101-G technology solves the problem of medium distance high-speed transmission,and realizes the demand of  industrial field high-speed network through traditional two-core wires.   For example: video monitoring,  data  acquisition, equipment control, etc.  WD-V101-G is divided into CO and CPE to realize point-to-point special line solution, which is widely used in coal mine, factory, railway and other long-distance network transmission.




Model  WD-V101-G
Joggle 1*10/100Base-TX Adaptive RJ45 port  1*2PIN terminal(DSL)                1*External power port
Description of LED indicator DSL    ETH    PWR
Standard ITU-T G.993.2   Support profiles:8a/8b/8c/8d,12a/12b/17a/30a  
Transmission speed 300k-300Mbps    
Modulation mode DMT
Usage frequency 25K-30MHz
Transmission distance  Up to 3000 meters
Power consumption ≤5W
Support operating system Windows 98/ME/NT/2003/7、Windows XP Home/Pro、Mac OSX、 Linux
Size 150mm×105mm×33mm(L×W×H)
Levels of protection IP40
Weight 0.2kg
Installation DIN  Or fixing holes
Working voltage range Working temperature: -40 ℃ -80 ℃
Storage temperature: -50 ℃ -85 ℃
Working humidity: 10% -85% non-condensing
Storage humidity: 5% -90% non-condensing state
Certification FCC、CE、ROHS
Working voltage range DC5-21V 


(1) Plug and play ,long transmission distance                                                               

WD-V101-G is a new generation of telephone line bridge designed and developed by Net Power Technology to solve the problem of  long-distance network transmission for customers. The product is easy to install, and the network can be transmitted 2-3 kilometers through CO and CPE connection. Easy to maintain, suitable for long-distance network solutions such as coal mines, factories, and railways.
Plug and play, no setup required.


(2) Rich in features, supports multiple Internet connection modes

Support WEB settings
Support upstream and downstream speed settings
Support IGMP


(3) Adaptability

DMT modulation technology can automatically adjust the rate to adapt to different quality lines, even in the case of noise interference
it can also provide high-performance transmission
Industrial design suitable for different temperature and humidity environments


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