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Kunshan Wondertek technology in May new release
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Kunshan Wondertek technology in May new release

Introduction: In the post-epidemic era, more and more manufacturing enterprises have realized that digital transformation has not only improved their immediate interests, but also become the key for manufacturing enterprises to win at the starting line. Data can be called the endless flow of industrial Internet, has become a key factor of production in the success or failure of digital transformation. In the digital age, time is cost.
Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co., LTD., after 14 years of development, withstood the heavy test, accumulated valuable technical experience, the new launch of industrial wireless WD-G40/ powerline Ethernet bridge WD-2001M-DIN equipment.

WD-G40 series is a new industrial wireless access network equipment developed by Kunshan Wondertek Technology Co., LTD. It adopts industrial grade material design to ensure stable communication in harsh industrial environment. Can work in AP or Client overwrite transport mode. High transmission power, high sensitivity, advanced dual-frequency intelligent roaming technology. WD-G40 industrial wireless AP supports IEEE 802.11ac Wave2 technology with a data transmission rate of up to 1267Mbps, meeting the industry's increasing demand for data transmission speed. Wd-g40's operating temperature, input power, surge, ESD and seismic design are in line with industry standards and relevant certifications. The dc power supply and PoE power supply can be used for dual redundancy to ensure power supply stability and facilitate onsite deployment. WD-G40 operates in 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands with 2.4G and 5G dual-channel basebands to ensure real-time wireless connectivity; And backward concurrently in railway, mineral, airport, subway, coal mine, intelligent storage, industrial automation control, intelligent garage and other sites.

Industrial power grid bridge WD-2001M-DIN series are industrial power line communication products developed by KunshanWondertekTechnology Co., LTD. The product supports the G.hn communication protocol standard and DIN rail mounting design. At present, it has been widely used in railway, mining, industrial communication, airport, subway, coal mine, intelligent storage, industrial automation control, automatic garage and other wired or sliding contact line and many other sites.


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