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PLC communication improvement solution for intelligent
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Mechanization, automization and intelligence are the three development phases which storage logistic devices must be experienced. In current phase, this industry is on the procedure of upgrading which from Mechanization and automization to intelligence. With the fast development of PLC communication in industrial market, there are more and better communication solutions for industry 4.0 of storage business. To meet the demand of accelerating intelligence level of smart devices which used in storage industry, updating the facilities and technologies is an irresistible  trend which storage business facing. The communication style is changing from RS232/RS485 bus structure to TCP/IP protocol, but the difficulty in wiring and high cost are the main problems which wireless technologies just as IR, microwave etc can't solve.
Though wireless technology can solve the wiring problem in industrial working places, but it also has fatal weakness, it always be affected by the environments of metal structure in working places, it's weak anti-interference ability often makes the devices can not communicate with each other, affect the manufacturing, even can cause serious accident, additionally the cost of wireless technology is much higher. With the wide using of industrial PLC high transmission rate technology in recent years, industrial PLC modem is in continuously updating, it has the features of strong anti-interference ability, high stability, anti-device halting and high temperature and pressure resistance ability etc, where is the power lines, there is the network, just plug and play, cost saving  and  no complicated testing.

Following is a PLC modem application in a storage working place
                                                                                                   Ricker/ piler                   Roadway

This work place used to apply IR wireless technology, for the limitation of transferring distance, it only can transfer the signal through point to point, but can’t construct the network through point to several, it is easy to be affected by the metal and thick separation layers, weak penetrable ability always causes network breaking, it’s unstability brings many troubles to users.
Now this customer used PLC solutions to replace IR wireless solutions, mainly use industrial PLC modem(WD-DIN1001A) to solve the signal transmission problem of piler(380v,300 meters). One PLC modem(WD-DIN1001A) connects to the control cabinet and the other one connects to the piler, for this is the wire data transmission, it doesn’t be interfered by metal shielding layers, the device has worked for one month, no signal break off and device halting happened. The PLC solution solves the transferring problem stably and cuts the investment cost!


                                                                                                                Intelligent vehicle                             Roadway

The photo above shows another work place of intelligent vehicle, it used IR wireless solution before, users faced the same problems which mentioned above(just as signal break off, unstable etc). Now  they apply the PLC solution for replacement, the devices have worked for month, no signal break off and device halting happened.
The DIN rail industrial PLC modem which be developed by Wondertek has been applied in many industrial work places for 3 years and has accumulated a lot of application experience in working spots. The core technology of the product has been improved continuously. The product has been recognized by the customers in the business of intelligent storage, elevating parking, traffic control system, railway, mine and security etc( by providing a brand new data transmission solution for all kinds of customers). The device adopts standard protocols of TCP/IP, G.hn/HomeplugAV2/ HomeplugAV, transferring the stable digital signal through wide voltage, AC/DC power line, it has the features of high broadband, anti interference and device halting, stable, support 7days*24hours no stopping working, package loss rate < 0.1% and anti vibration etc.
The device is easy to install, just plug and play, no new wiring work needed, and can work as the structures of 1:1 and 1:n.

Communication style of piler


Communication styleof intelligent vehicle


Specification of interfaces




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