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WD-B1001M-BPL-MV ( Smart Powerline Ethernet Bridgefor Medium
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BPL Smart Powerline Ethernet Bridge for Medium Voltage

                        Model: WD-B1001M-BPL-MV

Brief introduction
WD-B1001M-BPL-MV Medium Voltage(MV)/Low Voltage(LV) Gateway is the latest development in G.hn 200Mbps chipsets from Wondertek.The WD-B1001M-BPL-MV acts as Domain-Master modem or End-point modem,they can support transfer rate 100Mbps ,they can work with inductive couplers to put signal in the powerline and also can use any two core copper wire with any diameter size with no main and no electrical power inside, easy installation. It can connect devices such as PC’s VoIP ,Media Centers, IPCAM etc.


1.1 Technical parameters             
Support G.hn
Industrial DIN rail style installation.
Up to 6 levels of relay can be achieved
Self-adapt the rate.
1.2 Manageability
Support Remote Firmware update(TR069).
802.3D Ethernet Bridge.
802.1Q VLAN.
Quality of Service(QoS) .
1.3 Operating environment
Working temperature:  -40℃-85℃.
Operating humidity: 10%-85% no condense.
Storage humidity:5%-90% no condense.
1.4 Design standards
ITU-T G.9960   IEC 60529  IEC 50022   IEC 60068-2-6


Interface 1*LAN 10/100Base-TX  self adaption RJ45 port,MDI/MDX support
LED display lights PWR(power light), PLC(PLC signal light), ETH(Ethernet light)
Transfer band 2-50MHz and MIMO
protocol(PHY) ITU-T G.9960 (G.hn) IEEE802.3,IEEE802.3x, IEEE802.3u
Security 128-AES
Transfer rate(PHY) 200Mbps
Work voltage DC12V  1000mA
Modulation OFDM
Maximum effective data transfer rate TCP/IP  100Mbps
Manageability Remote Firmware update,support TR-069(optional)
802.1D Ethernet Bridge
802.1Q VLAN
Quality of Service(QoS)
Operating temperature -40℃-85℃
Size 120*90*45mm(L×W×H)
Weight About 0.30kg
Operating environment working temperature:-10℃-85℃
working humidity 5%-90% non-condensed state
Certifications FCC、CE ,RoHS
Relay number Maximum level 10 relay
Transmission distance About 5000m
Transmission line Three-wire transmission MIMO Mode

3.System topology

4. Installation diagram

5.Accessories: Inductive coupler

Model WD-UF100 WD-UF200 WD-UF300
Dimension rΦ24*RΦ50*H65mm rΦ42*RΦ80*H65mm rΦ58*RΦ105*H105mm
Frequency 2-50MHz 2-50MHz 2-50MHz
Attenuation 2-6dB 2-6dB 2-6dB
Insulation Voltage 20kV 30kV 40kV
Connection terminal BNC BNC BNC
Max. current 100A 200A 300A

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