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1 Gbps Outdoor Powerline Ethernet Bridge

Brief Descriptipon

WD-B1000M-M Powerline Ethernet Bridge is a good LAN network solution for buildings, units, visa and apartment, can solve the network access within 500meters, such as from your downstairs of buildings to your home. No complicated installation, no extra wiring. WD-B1000M-M  transmit the network through existing line , which means network signal can be transferred in power line by power line communication (PLC) technology.
WD-B1000M-M Powerline Ethernet Bridge , with the transfer rate up to 1000Mbps, no new wiring. The installation step is very simple. You use at least 2pcs WD-B1000M-M Powerline Ethernet Bridge you can surf the internet.
WD-B1000M-M Powerline Ethernet Bridge based on the product G.hn standards which support IEEE802.3 protocol. One end of the device connected to power, the other side of the Coupling line put through a dedicated network signal coupling into the power grid, with the matching end-use products can be carried out in the power line data transmission its physical layer transfer rates up to 1000Mbps can be applied to the formation of power-line LAN.Advantages for buildings power line communication.
WonderTekWD-B1000M-M  Powerline Ethernet Bridge  rapidly get the network in whole building, greatly lower the operator cost and save time. It also can be largely used in home to share broadband with their neighbors,community,hotels, schools, intelligent building, production line system,WLAN,etc.





ETH port   PLC port   PWR port 



LED display lights

PWR  ETH  G.hn

Transmission band


Protocol standard

G.hn  IEEE 802.3,IEEE 802.3u


128-AES data encryption and key management

Number of included slave

Up to 15pcs

Physical layer transfer rate


Operating support

Windows98/ME/NT/2003/7,WindowsXP Home/Pro、Mac OSX ,Linux

Power source

AC 100V-240V 60/50Hz

Working environment

Working temperature:-40℃-85℃

working humidity:10%-85% non-condensed state

storage humidity:5%-90% non-condensed state


220*160*100mm L×W×H






(1)High transfer rate
Transmission rate (data rate) up to 1000Mbps 10/100Mbps/1000Mbps Ethernet Interface 1*PLC ports.
(2)High compatibility
G.hn  standard;
Support QAM 16/64/256/1024,DQPSK,DBPSK and ROBO modulation Techniques Support integrated delivery of quality assurance (QOS) and IGMP multicast function.

(3)High security
Using 128 bits AES data encryption and key management technology.

(4)Simple instalation
Plug and Play (Plug and Play), do not need to set.




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