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2000Mbps Power over Coaxial kit

Brief introduction  ---WD-C2002-PoC-M and WD-C2002-PoC-S

With the development of digital information age, traditional analog video monitoring camera will be replaced by the HD digital IP camera, but in the procedure of traditional  monitoring system improvement, re-wiring is a difficult problem, including the difficulty of execution, environment damage,time limit of the project, cost etc..WD-C2002-PoC-M and WD-C2002-PoC-S makes use of the existing video cable to transfer the network signals, can upgrade the traditional monitoring system without any wiring and  cost quickly, just plug and play without setting. With Power over Coaxial function.




Model WD-C2002-PoC-M WD-C2002-PoC-S
Interface 1*100/1000 Base-TX  RJ45, 2*F type 75       1*External power 1*100/1000 Base-TX   RJ45,  2*F type 75       
LED display light PWR  G.hn  ETH PWR  G.hn  ETH
Frequency band 2-200MHz 2-200MHz
Protocol G.hn, IEEE 802.3  IEEE 802.3u 10/100/1000Ethernet Standard       G.hn, IEEE 802.3  IEEE 802.3u 10/100/1000Ethernet Standard      
Security 128-bit AES 128-bit AES
Transmission rate 2000Mbps 2000Mbps
Modulation OFDM OFDM
Transfer distance 1000m 1000m
Power consumption ≤5W ≤5W
O/S Windows 98/ME/NT/2003/7、Windows XP Home/Pro、Mac OSX 、Linux Windows 98/ME/NT/2003/7、Windows XP Home/Pro、Mac OSX 、Linux
Size 128.5*93*28.3mm(L*W*H) 128.5*93*28.3mm(L*W*H)
Weight 350g 350g
Operating environment Working temperature:-20℃-80℃  Working temperature-20℃-80℃ 
Working humidity:10%-85% no condense    Working humidity:10%-85% no condense   
Working voltage DC 44-57V DC 44-57V

1、Replace the analog camera to the  net camera(IPCAM) or add a video server.
2、Add a  WD-C20002-PoC-S  coaxial cable Ethernet bridge behind the side of IPCAM or video server.
3、Link a  WD-C2002-PoC-M local side coaxial Ethernet bridge at the other side of the coaxial cable after being connected with the coaxial cable.
4、Put power adapter DC44-57V to WD-C2002-PoC-M
5、The traditional analog monitoring system is upgraded into the high digital network monitoring system through above operations.
6、Power over Coaxial



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