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Long Distance Network Solution
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Brief introduction

As the increasing development of network broadband, data processing ability and capacity of data storage, as well as emerging of the various applicable video compress technology, the video surveillance  step into the time of  total digital network which in the core of digital video’s compressing, transmission, storage and playing and with the features of smart and applicable image understanding and analysis. All of these lead into a technology revolution of video surveillance. Traditional digital video usually been transferred by twisted-pair or optical fibers. But the twisted pairs have the transfer limitation, and the signal amplifier just can be placed in 1 km, if surpass this distance, we must use Single mode or multimode fiber which can solve the problem of long distance transmission, but it needs special person and devices ,it’s complicated implement and post-maintenance make this solution costly.
The copper line video transmission solution which supplied by WonderTek use twisted pairs, phoneline or coaxial line to transfer the data, it has the features of high transmission quality and cable/line usage, high anti-interference, wide range of application, high stability, low cost and no wiring.


Sketch map(copper line extend the network)



(1) High quality image transmission---In standard range of transmission distance, it can transfer a HD image signal point to point in real time. In the test, there is no difference when the 1500 meters cable linked with camera and displayer directly. 

(2) Long transmission distance and high transmission quality---Due to the adoption of advanced processing technology in the twisted-pair transceiver, attenuations in the video signal amplitude and different frequencies have been well compensated, it keeps the luminance, color and instantaneity of the original image, even a little more than 1 km, the signal won’t 
distort. In the copper line of 0.5 wire diameter, the transmission distance can be up to 3 km, and the rate can be reach to 1Mbps in the download and upload.

(3) Convenient to wiring and high wire usage---It can transfer the video point to point by a common phoneline,just using the existing phone lines of the district. Even just using a Category 5 Cable(it has 4 pairs twisted-pair) to transfer 4 video signals, if you use a pair to transfer the video signal, the other pairs can be used to supply power and transfer the audio signal, control signal or other signals, that promote the wire usage as well as avoid the trouble of wiring and reduce the cost! 
(4) High anti-interference and reliability--- the twisted pairs can constraint the common mode interference effectively, even in strong interference environment, the twisted pairs can transfer good image signals. This cheap twisted pairs transmission device is easy to operate, no need special knowledge, once finished the installation, it will operating steady in a long time.

(5) Low transmission cost---Compare with the above referred, the adoption of optical terminal units would cost a lot. The optical fiber usually be applied in large-scale monitoring and long distance transmission. In the 1000 meters to 2000 meters short distance video surveillance data transmission, twisted pairs video transmission has great advantages in project cost, operating difficulty and  manual cost.


Monitoring application Sketch map

Applied field

Safety monitoring system
Medical monitoring system
Bank and financial information system
Remote network server monitoring
Medium and large central control system
Multimedia network teaching system
Multimedia advertisement project
Industrial automatic control system
Medium and large A/V meeting

Elevator monitoring field brief introduction: 
As the development of streaming media and computer technology, the multimedia service would be a trend of current elevator function. Elevator multimedia system is not only the upgrade of traditional elevator display product, but also the high-end product of elevator informatization, building informatization and intelligence as well as the new carrier of elevator advertisement launching. The cooper line digital transmission solution which based on the phoneline, twisted-pair and coaxial cable can meet the users’ demands of reliability, easy to construct and maintain. This solution  fully makes use of the existing transfer media, just plug and play, guarantee the construction quality and save the project cost.

Elevatormonitoring Sketch map


Coal mine monitoring and data collection brief introduction: 

The special environment of the coal mine field makes the optical fiber, wifi and Ethernet can be used in long distance data transmission. The copper line data transmission solution can fully meet the demands of main communication construction in the coal mine holes.

Mine monitoring Sketchmap


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