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The PLC broadband access solutions for the residential
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The PLC broadband access solutions of different structures of buildings

According to the building structure, users distribution, we provide several solutions to meet the demands of different customers.

1.Solution for high-rise residential tower
The users in the high-rise residential towers are intensive, usually about 3-5 floors(20 households per floor) use one carrier grade local side device with network management function(WD-B200M)at the same time. The device is linked to the exchanger with Ethernet cable and input the signals behind the electrical meter. 

2.Solution for high-rise and multi-unit buildings
There are about 20 households or more in one unit in a high-rise multi-unit and slab-type apartment building, a carrier grade local side device to be installed in each unit and the signals can cover all the users in this unit.


3. Solution for low-rise & multi-unit residential district
There are about 2-3 households in each stair and not surpass 6 stairs in a low-rise & multi-unit and slab-type building, users can share one carrier grade local side PLC Ethernet bridge according to their needs in a building.

Hotels can refer to the solutions of high-rise residential tower and low-rise residential building, just install a carrier grade local side PLC Ethernet bridge after placing a distribution box in each stair. 
The business office building can refer to these three solutions for network erecting. Because there is no electrical meter in the building of this type, the coupling behind meter shall be changed into the coupling behind distribution box. 
If you just want to provide the PLC broadband access to one stair of the business office building, you can adopt the solution for large-scale hotel, just coupling a carrier grade local side device behind the distribution box.
When providing a PLC broadband access to the rooms of the office, if the power supply circuits belong to one phase, there is no need to use this carrier grade local side things, just plug a terminal PLC adapter (WD-200M/600M…) into a power socket on the wall and link to the other broadband output port with Ethernet cable, you will get the convenience of the  
wired mobile network.


4.Installation and storage environment
The device WD-B200M usually be installed indoors, can make use of the existing power distribution box or room, it also can be placed on the wall or wall cabinet. The environment should keep draughty, storage temperature keeps -20℃-50℃, humidity keeps 10%-90% and supplies uninterrupted 100V-220V power. The cabinet or box which is used for placing the device should have heat dissipation holes  and have enough space to place other network devices, just as exchanger, optical fiber transceiver etc..

The place where the device installed needs to lay the broadband output port in previous(just as optical fiber, Ethernet cable, XDSL ETC..

5.Installation and the device 
After choosing the installation place, lock the PLC signal line and power line together with a coupler intensively at the place of outgoing lines(power line &null line), one end of the PLC signal line changed into the RJ11 interface, link to the PLC signal port of WD-B200M. if the meter is too far from the operating level device, you can lay a signal line with a proper length. Front side network interface adopts Category 5 Cable(direct connection or crosswire self-adaptation) and connects to the exchanger with VLAN function. The ACT light will normally on after connect the power, the COL light will blink when connect to the exchanger, if it can detect the other compatible PLC devices, the LNK light will also normally on.

6.Coupling principle and application

PLC signal coupling makes use of electromagnetic induction principle, can couple the PLC signal line and power line together with a removable magnet ring which has installation buckle on it. There is no electrical contact in the procedure, safe and convenient.

7.PLC signal line
Adopt 4 cores or 8 cores UTP which can meet the demands of GB/T 50312-2000

8.Signal coupling
Cover the outgoing lines(each for power line and null line) with magnet rings, two lines of twisted pair in PLC signal line(just as green and white-green lines) go through these two rings, after that these two lines would be short connected with a connector. The other side of the PLC signal line pressed into the RJ11 interface and linked to the PLC signal port of the operating level local side device(WD-B200M).


Pay attention to the direction of PLC signal line, avoid the PLC signals of different users under the same operating level local side device are reverse which can reduce the PLC signals for the counteracting. It must obey the principle: the meters under the same operating level local side device must ,and the PLC signal directions of power line and null line is reversal, just can build a loop circuit.

For example, when coupling the power line of the first meter, the direction of signal line is same to the direction of  the meter’s outgoing line, the other meters under the same operating level local side device should be coupled just follow the first one. After the coupling of the last meter’s outgoing lines, short connect the two terminals of PLC signal line to build a loop circuit. For the several users in the same meter box,  we can connect the meters in serial with PLC signal line.

9.Three-phase coupling and notes

Some hotels, business office buildings or buildings of the residential district adopt three-phase four-wire system(3 phase lines and 1 null line), it needs three-phase coupling. The PLC signal line which outgoes from the operating level device coupled with A,B,C phases and the null line no need to couple.

Attention: make sure that the PLC line directions must be the same(eg. If the coupling of A phase is down to up, the PLC signal line of B and C must also obey the same direction.


When wiring and coupling the PLC signals, workers shall strictly follow the regulations above, especially the PLC signal lines outgoing from the same operating level local side device must keep the same direction for all users.

Notice the safety when wiring and keep elegant, be sure that not ruin the existing electrical devices and other facilities. 
Notice that do not short connect the PLC signal lines with grounding apparatus(just as electric meter box) to avoid ruin the device.
Open wire should be avoided, if must, referred wires must  go through the trunkings or PVC tubes.
The UTP no need to twisted around the magnetic ring while coupling.


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