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PLC technology application on pipeline inspection robot

Author: ComeFrom: Date:2017-7-10 9:14:50 Hits:289
For the robot works in the underground, it can not transfer the data through wireless mode, the only option is wire mode. Transmission distance surpasses 200 meters and the common Ethernet cable can’t transfer the data in such a long distance, fiber optical is also can’t be applied by the complexity of pipes in the underground, so the best option is PLC solution, it has following features:
1. The transmission medium is 2 cores line, it has a small wire diameter and can be bended, can meet the demand of real application environment.
2. High transmission rate can meet the demand of video real-time transmission.
3. The transmission distance is up to 600 meters.

4. Easy to install: no extra wiring or configuration, just plug and play.

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