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ETC parking lot data transmission solution

Author:Tony Wang ComeFrom: Date:2016-5-13 9:07:42 Hits:907

ETC brief introduction

ETC system is the most advanced parking place toll collection system, the vehicle RFID on the windshield communicate with microwave antenna in the ETC lane to complete the payment ,information reading and writing , no need to stop the car. ETC can promote the traffic capacity of the lane. Comparing with the traditional manual ones, it has 3-5 times traffic capacity, saving the time, reducing the fuel consumption and mechanical wear in the procedure of vehicle stopping and starting. Effectively reduced the vehicle exhaust, protect the environment.


The application of VDSL2 device which been designed by WonderTek to solve the problem of ETC system data transmission has the following advantages:

<1>.No wiring, use the existing wire(two-core wire) of the charging terminal to transfer the network signals, the device is easy to install, just link the VDSL2 device with the wire. 

<2>.Stable signal, compare with the solution of WIFI and optical fiber, this solution can extend the data transmission distance, VDSL2 device can guarantee the distance up to 4 km and the wire is not easy to damage, the signal stability would not be affected by the terrain and obstacles(compare with WIFI).

<3>.Saving cost and time, reducing the construction difficulty


As the following photo, take the phoneline and two-core lines out of the charging terminal, link with the VDSL2 device, same as the other side of the charging terminal.(16 pcs VDSL2 at most), after finishing the installation, link to the center room of the parking lot, then contact to the bank network center. 

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