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G.hn 1000Mbps 3 ports coaxial Ethernet bridge

Date:2017-9-4 14:06:25 Hits:283

Brief introduction
G.hn is the newest technology which is issued by ITU-T(International Telecommunication Union Telecommunication Standardization Sector), it supports high speed "Quasi - gigabit" broadband access. G.hn products can transfer and receive the Ethernet signals in a high transfer rate through the existing coaxial cable in user’s home or office. Besides supporting high speed wire network transferring, it also can provide wireless coverage service function for uprising demand of terminal wireless access.
WD-C1003M modulates the Ethernet signal which based on the standard of FTTH into the RF signal which can be transferred through coaxial cable, the technology of OFDM can guarantee the stability of data transmission in the complicated network environment. The product occupies the low frequency band of 2-100MHz and provides 900Mbps access broadband on the coaxial network, it avoids the frequency occupation crash of CATV system effectively and reduces the interference. The product can be adopted in current tree and star CATV networks, it has the features of long transfer distance and high broadband etc, the product has been an necessary device for high speed home network construction.
1. No extra wiring, just transfer the data through the existing coaxial cable.
2. Use the low frequency channel 2-100MHz, can co-exist with the current analog TV, DVB digital TV and IPQAM etc.
3. Adopt OFDM technology, multi-carrier technology and self adaptive channel adjustment technology, guarantee the stable performance under noisy environment.
4. Support remote terminal configuration, including rate restrict, QoS, 802.1q Vlan.
5. Support 4 levels priorities scheduling which based on 802.1p, DSCP and TOS and IGMP.
6. Plug and play, no need to install any software.
7. High broadband data transmission, no restrict for transferring photo, video and audio.


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