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VDSL2 2 ports phoneline Ethenret bridge

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Brief introduction

WD-V102-G uses the newest digital technology which transfer the DSL broadband network signals via the existing phone lines(twisted copper lines). It can meet the demand of transferring the network/data in a middle distance with a high speed rate via the traditional two-core wires in industrial environments, such as video surveillance, data collection and automation control etc., WD-V102-G provides a point to point solution and can be used in mines, factories, railways etc for long distance network transmission.

Please note:
1.Prod the button to configure the device into the CO or CPE mode(In the working group, there are 2 devices pairing to work, one is CO and the left one is CPE)
2.There are two DC12V 1A power supply ports(following), please choose the available one according to the working environment:
 a.Standard DC port;
 b.Two-core wire port
3.There are two DSL ports, please choose the available one according to the working environment: 
 a.Standard RJ11 port (Use the middle 2 cores of 4PIN, no positive and negative difference)
 b.Two-core wire port( no positive and negative difference)


Just plug and play, long transfer distance

WD-V102-G is designed for solving customers’ long distance network transferring problem, it is easy to install and the transfer distance up to 3-4km. It is also easy to maintain and can be used in mines, factories, railways for long distance network signal transmission, just plug and play, no extra configuration! 

Various functions and support multi-internet linkagemode.

Support WEB Configuration;
Support upload& download rates setting;
Support TR-069 remote management;
IGMP Support IGMP.

Strong adaptability

DMT modulation technology can adjust the rate to adapt the routes of different qualities automatically, even under the interruption of noise, the device still can guarantee the high performance of transferring, the industrial design also make the device can work in different temperature and humidity.

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