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600M Phoneline Ethenret adapter

Date:2016-12-8 10:59:59 Hits:642

Brief introduction
The product transfers network data through the existing phone lines at the rate of 600Mbps, the maximum transmission distance up to 1000m, especially used in small offices, factories, mines, elevator improvements, hotels and schools, providing a high performance resolution to project businesses and system integrators. It can solve the problems just as long distance data transmission, network monitoring and data collection etc..It adopts desk mini-design, simple and fashion industrial design  type, as well as matches with its silver gray  make the whole product looks beautiful and fashionable.
    The phone line network bridge usually works all day long, so the heat dissipation is very important  aspect of the product, our engineers fully take this aspect into consideration in the design procedure, there are heat dissipation and air vent design in its left, right and bottom, that greatly prolong the life of the product.


1.Transmission rate up to 600Mbps.
2. Maximum transmission distance: 1000m.
3.High compatibility: support QAM 16/64/256/1024,DQPSK,DBPSK and ROBO.
4. Support integrated transmission QOS , Multicast and IGMP.
5.Adopt  128-bits AES data encryption and key management technology.
6.Peer to Peer.
7.Plug and play.

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