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Date:2016-5-18 15:14:38 Hits:1015

High transmission rate 1Gbps G.hn wifi coaxial Ethernet bridge for 4K TV

The G.hn Coax Ethernet Bridge ,
WD-CF1000M enables you to set up your private network at home with your existing coaxial cable and Integrated with IEEE 802.11n wireless feature, The new wireless 11n technology can support the data rates up to 150Mbps, for 11n wireless clients providing consumers with convenience and flexibility .


No additional network wiring
You may just find a coax connector in the wall ,put the coaxial plug into the connector ,and you will get 1Gbps home network ready for the broadband internet 
and IPTV transmission among rooms.

Intelligence to support variant services 
Configuration of Tag Vlan,Queuing scheme,and bandwidth control help the deployment of services. As well as full band 100Mhz to co-exist with exiting CATV signal,with CF1000M,SOHO can even quickly extend or flexibly change the existing lan environment ,no re-wiring and no more trouble. 

1.G.hn Coax Port as Home Network Backbone Using Existing Coaxial Cable to transfer the network signal.
2.G.hn PHY Rate up to 1Gbps
3.Energy Efficiency (Green) Ethernet Support
4.Attenuation Range up to 80dB
5.Signal Status Indication
6.Spectrum Options to Co-exist with CATV Signal
7.Remote Management (Optional)
9.QoS Priority and Mapping Support
10.Tag VLAN Configuration

11.IGMP Snooping Control
12.Compliant with IEEE 802.11b/g, 802.11n draft 2.0 Wireless standards
13.Supports data rates up to 150Mbps for wireless 11n networks
14.Built-in 2 internal high performance antenna 

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