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1Gbps G.hn 2 Ports Powerline Ethernet bridge WD-1002M

The Most Powerful and Cost-Effective G.hn Solution

Consumers today face a mix of Non-inter -operable home networking technologies. G.hn offers a single wired international standard for connecting devices. Every power outlet in  home becomes a network connectivity point on the same mesh network, brings convenience and flexibility to consumers. This enables datum to be delivered seamlessly from one medium to another.WD-1002M is an Ethernet wall mountable bridges which can guarantee the reliable performance and good user experience on every power outlet in the home. With WD-1002M /WD-F1000M multimedia distribution is available even in the environment with thick walls and multiple floors.  In addition to the function of transferring HD digital signals, the  WD-1002M  also can transmit remote commands over the house existing power lines, so users can operate remotely in the TV viewing room to get the AV source located in another room. The WD-1002M will allow consumers easily connect various HD sources to HD TVs or projectors throughout the home without having to install any new wiring or be pestered by complicated set-ups. With the existing electrical lines which providing a fast, reliable wired connection between various entertainment components, consumers can enjoy the entertainment grade video at any virtual power outlet.
The G.hn Power line  Ethernet Bridge ,WD-1002M enables you to set up your private network at home with your existing power line.



No additional network wiring
Just find a power outlet in the wall ,put the plug into it, and then you would get 1Gbps home network which can meet the demands of broadband internet and IPTV transmission among rooms.

Intelligent to support variant services 
Configuration of Tag Vlan, Queuing scheme, and bandwidth control are helpful to the deployment of services.
With WD-1002M/F1000M,SOHO can even quickly extend or flexibly change the existing lan environment ,no re-wiring and no more trouble.

Ø G.hn PLC Port as Home Network Backbone Using Existing power line to transfer the data.
Ø G.hn PHY Rate up to 1Gbps
Ø Two 10/100/1000Mbps Gigabit Ethernet Ports
Ø Energy Efficiency (Green) Ethernet Support
Ø Signal Status Indication
Ø Remote Management (Optional)
Ø Diagnosis
Ø QoS Priority and Mapping Support
Ø Tag VLAN Configuration
Ø IGMP Snooping Control

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