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WD-1200M HomePlug AV2

WD-1200M HomePlug AV2

Date:2016-1-20 11:22:01 Hits:645
WD-1200M HomePlug AV2

Brief introduction
WD-1200M which adopts HomePlug AV2 standard supplies the maximum transmission speed at 1200Mbps.You can erect the network through the existing power line of family, just plug it into the power socket wherever you can find, the strong anti-interference ability makes it avoid being interfered by the other electric devices, it also compatible with the IEEE1901 devices and the adoption of MIMO technology upgrades the power line communication speed and quality, it enhances the multimedia streaming quality through prioritizing flux, streaming HD video, high speed network linking, VOIP flux and upgraded QOS functions. The device takes 128-bit AES data encryption and key management technology to guarantee the safety of data transmission, the encryption procedure is simple, just through a button and no other settings . WD-1200M  adopts TR-069 standard and can  remotely manage and set products through the server, if there is no Ethernet signal transmission surpass 60s, the device will auto run into the energy saving state which only consumes 0.5W(saving80% energy).



1.Adopt HomePlug AV2, transmission rate(PHY) up to 1200Mbps.
2.Take MIMO technology, the bandwidth is much wider and the data transmission much more stable.
3.No wiring and setting.
4.Adopt QOS technology, guarantee the transmission stability of streaming media.
5.Hardware or software encryption(optional)
6.Sub-compatible with IEEE1901 and HomePlug AV technology.
7.Multiple LED display light colors can estimate the transmission quality.
8.Energy saving.
9.Support TR-069(Remote management and auto upgrade)

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