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WD-V208M-BNC(Local side)

Date:2016-1-11 15:04:03 Hits:827

WD-V208M-BNC(8 ports terminal device)

Brief introduction
WD-V208M-BNC local side coaxial cable Ethernet bridge has 8 ports can connect 8 clients, it makes use of the existing coaxial cable to transfer the Ethernet data, upgrade the traditional analog monitoring system to high digital network monitoring system matching with WD-V101M-BNC(S).
With the development of high digital information age, the existing analog monitoring system would be upgraded to the high digital monitoring system  in many places:
1、Bank monitoring system.
2、Charging mall monitoring system.
3、Traffic monitoring system.
4、School safety project.
5、Hospital monitoring system.



WD-V208M-BNC is easy to install, just plug and play without any setting. 
1、Replace the analog camera to the  net camera(IPCAM) or add a video server.
2、Add a  WD-V208M-BNC video cable Ethernet bridge behind the side of IPCAM or video server.
3、Link a  WD-V208M-BNC local side coaxial Ethernet bridge at the other side of the coaxial cable after being connected with the coaxial cable.
4、The operation follows above when several analog cameras transmit, just connect the other side of the cable with the ports of local side coaxial cable Ethernet bridge.
The traditional analog monitoring system is upgraded into the high digital network monitoring system through above operations, it can transfer the network signals from 2000 meters away.

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