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Brief introduction
This coaxial line network bridge which can transfer bidirectional data through coaxial cable  has 4 Ethernet interfaces . The transmission mode between local device and terminal device is point-to-multipoint, it can supply fast transmission speed even multiple users on line.
Terminal device demodulates the signal modulated by local device into a relatively low speed parallel data, then merge several parallel data into a fast speed serial data current, at last, decrypt the data into the standard Ethernet signal which we can use at the user’s data terminal(PC/IPTV Set Top Box/IP audio gateway etc.)
This terminal supports remote management, can manage and set the terminals linking in it through operating under the mode of SNMP/WEB, including setting 802.1QVLAN,QoS, viewing statistics and updating software etc.. Single terminal supply 100Mbps access bandwidth on the coaxial line, take up low frequency band of  7.5MHz-67.5MHz, it effectively avoids the crash between the system  frequency of existing CATA , reduce the interference of each other. It also supports  existing CATV networks of tree and star structures, with the long transmission distance, good networking adaptation and high bandwidth, it has been a powerful tool to deploy data network for broadcasting and TV system.



1. 4 standard Ethernet interfaces.
2. High spectrum efficiency, twice than tandem system, this feature has a significant competiveness in a limited spectrum source of cable TV transmission. OFDM signal is overlapped with nearby subcarrier, it has been approximated to its spectrum efficiency limitation in theory.
3. Strong anti-interference, stable performance,  because of the datum are scattered to many subcarriers by OFDM system, it greatly reduces each subcarrier’s symbol rate to reduce the interference of multi-way transmission, even it can terminate the symbol  interference of each other completely if adopting the added cycle prefix to protect the interval/gap.
4. According to the circuit situation of Cable TV, it will auto select  the best modulating mode and frequency point to transfer the data, that promote the usage of the system. The bits number of each symbol and the power supply to each component channel make the total bit rate up to the maximum, that means  the information distribution of  each component channel must follow the water injection theory of information: high quality channels transfer more, low quality channels transfer less, poor quality channels transfer nothing.
5. It is easy to install, just link the existing TV signal to the F pin of the terminal and RJ45 interface to the data terminal device only.
 6. No wiring, no need to damage the decorations of home or office. 

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