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Brief introduction
WD-C500M transfers network signals through the existing coaxial cable, the transmission rate up to 500Mbps and the transmission distance up to 1000m. The product is the best solution when facing the problem of restriction in network Ethernet line transmission , inconvenience  in optical fiber laying and high cost, just plug and play without any drive and professional. It is widely used in small and medium offices, hotels, schools, apartments and families, providing high performance network transmission solutions to project businesses and system integrators.


1、High transmission rate and long distance
The transmission rate up to500Mbps and the transmission distance up to 1000m, can meet many demands of high bandwidth.
2、Strong anti-interference ability
Comparing with traditional QAM technology,  the product adopts the OFDM modulation technology and FEC forward error correction technology,  each frequency can be shut or opened  optionally which can avoid the interference of the broadcast, radio station and CMTS system, greatly upgrade the anti-interference ability and precision of data transmission. Low project amount of improvement, and it suits to broadcasting & TV star and trunk structures cable network distribution, it is easy to improve the amplifier, just adopt low pass crossover unit to meet the demand . it also provides complete and serial ancillary attachments to users to guarantee the project can be implemented and displayed smoothly.
3、QoS control: can locate the bandwidth to every user. The system can locate the bandwidth according to different QOS controls, users through CSMA and DBA technology, EOC system can distribute the bandwidth flow according to the classifications of different premium users.
4、Support IGMP
 Support IGMP(IGMP v1,IGMP v2) and IGMP Snooping.  It’s convenient for set top box and PC to use  the ICMP in the application of bidirectional interact business.
5、Simple implement and cost saving.

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