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WD-C204-BNC(4 ports)

Date:2016-1-11 14:20:29 Hits:925

WD-C204-BNC(4 ports)

Brief introduction
WD-C204-BNC local side Coaxial Cable Ethernet bridge has 4 interfaces which could link 4 clients , can transfer Ethernet signals through the existing coaxial cable, it has upgraded traditional analogue video monitoring system to HD digital network monitoring system.  
With the development of HD digital technology, many places would upgrade the analogue video monitoring system to HD digital network monitoring system.
1. Bank
2. Charging hall
3. Traffic
4. School safety project
5. Hospital 
It is easy to install, plug and play, no setting,  as following steps:
1、Replace the original analogue camera into a net camera(IPCAM) or add a video server.  
2、Add a WD-C200M-BNC Coaxial Cable Ethernet bridge behind the side of IPCAM or video server.
3、Link a WD-C204M-BNC Coaxial Cable Ethernet bridge at the other side of coaxial cable after connected the existing coaxial cable.
4、When more than one analogue camera are transforming, ditto operation. Connect the other side of coaxial cable with several terminals of the Ethernet.
Through the operation above, it has upgraded the traditional analogue monitoring system into the modern HD digital network monitoring system which can transfer the signal of traditional analogue camera at the distance of 1000m.

Topological structure



High transmission rate
Maximum transfer at the rate of 90Mbps /250Mbps
Maximum transfer distance at 1000m.
1 * 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface and 4 Coaxial Port (BNC ) interfaces.

Strong compatibility
Support integrative transmission QOS function, supply Multicast and ICMP function.

High security 
128-DES data decryption and key management technology
Peer-to-peer network architecture
Plug and play, no setting.

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