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WD-R600 Powerline video Receiver

Date:2016-1-7 14:09:25 Hits:896

WD-R600 Powerline video Receiver

Brief introduction
The product match with power line IP camera could receive video via power line and adopt P2P transmission technology. One receiver theoretically can connect 64 PLC IP cameras. But according to the camera’s difference in compressed format, the choice of the resolution of the image, and the required bandwidth, the popular standard h.264 suggests one receiver connects 8 to 10 cameras.


(1)    Support PLC IP Camera, without wiring.
(2)   Within 300 meters, plug and play, no wiring and no setting.
(3)   Fully compatible with IEEE 802.3 / 802.3u 10/100Mbps RJ-45
(4)   High standard 128-bitDES data encryption techniques guarantee our Homeplug security.
(5)   Certification: international FCC/CE/Homeplug certification
(6)   Free wiring, using powerline as transmission media 
(7)   No obstacle, No dead angle problem of wireless network transmission
(8)   You get the video signal anywhere you can find an outlet. Plug and play. Free setting
(9) High compatibility, stable signal transmission, not affected by high power electrical equipment interference
(10) High transmission rate 

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