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Brief introduction

 WD-PLC3002 family powerline IP camera which integrated powerline communication and streaming media technologies especially designed for Civilian users’HD network monitoring solution, internal PLC communication module meets the demand of Home Plug AV, it turns 220V power line into a intelligent power grid transmission structure which can transfer the HD digital video through power line.
Adopt E27 bulb plug and socket design, can be installed in the existing lighting fixtures, ceilings, walls even can be placed on the table directly, no drilling, scaffold and wiring, It is integrated into the decorations naturally by the elegant appearance design and can be moved freely. The product is easy to install, no matter where and when, you just need to enter the account and password at the first time, then you will access to the camera successfully. Matching the monitoring software of our company, you could  watching, showing and recording on the computer and It also supports real time monitoring through Web browser.
Topological structures of different applications

1、Local monitoring (office/family)

2、Remote monitoring

3、Direct connect with PLC video receiver

Family application display


- Built-in PLC for cable free instant installation
-Support NVR
- Supports iPhone / Smart Phone remote video monitoring
- Infrared for Day and Night monitoring
- Special lamp connector design for easy installation
- High definition

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