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WD-V208 VDSL2 terminal device

Date:2016-1-7 13:44:18 Hits:837

WD-V208 VDSL2 terminal device

Brief introduction
WD-V208 expands the broadband network with high speed  and stable transmission rate, supports VDSL2 standard, including ITU-TG.993.2 and  8 ports VDSL2 standard 1U device, supports ADSL/ADSL2+ which can enhance the interoperability between telecom operator and client side that use the same IP DSLAM devices an different xDSL devices. It also supports HD TV and can be used  as head-end device match with client VDSL.



Perfect Ethernet VLAN and multicast functions
WD-V208 upgrades the safety and performance with the VLAN function. The VLAN used to isolate different users’ applications , it can restrict the broadcast domain of broadcast current. It’s multicast detect function effectively  prevents unnecessary multicast current transmit to all users, optimizes bandwidth usage of the multicast application.

Support multicast VLAN

Multicast VLAN checks all VLANs to get the information whether has the same request of video current service. If has, only need to send one video current  to one of the VLANs, the video would be copied and transmitted  to all VLANs which have the same demand of this video. In this way, the bandwidth of total video current will be reduced greatly which can guarantee the liability of the network.

Support differentiate service of rate limitation

To meet the demands of different  customers, the service provider need to provide a network infrastructure which can guarantee the performance and flexibility, the uploading rate can assure the bandwidth rates of different businesses.

Uploading access control mechanism 
WD-V208 not only supports 802.1x port access certification, but also supports limited Mac IP could interview the network through a specific port. This function can reject the data which flows into the port without authorization to protect the safety of the network. The other access control function is to restrict the number of Mac IPs which user can access to and permit the service provider supplies flexible charging plan based on each port at the same time. WD-V208 supplies data package classification rules for each port and  sets operation according to the rules.

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