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WD-V104 4 ports VDSL2

Date:2016-1-7 13:38:40 Hits:840

WD-V104 4 ports VDSL2

Brief introduction 
VDSL2can expand the transmission frequency bandwidth of existing phone line through digital technology, it modulates the  analogue voice and non voice signals into the code number signals to transfer, then demodulates and receives the data in the central terminal. The technology can meet many demands of multi-media video and voice services just as VoIP, IPTV AND visible telecommunication etc.. WD-V104(M)/V104(S) provides a solution of P2P, it is widely used in public security, education, health care, military, railway, mine and focus media etc..



Plug and play, long transmission distance
WD-V104(M)/V104(S)is designed for users to solve the problem of long distance transmission, it’s easy to install, the transmission distance up to 2-3km through connecting master and slave devices. The device is easy to maintain and suit to mine, factory, railway etc..

More functions and support several connection modes
Support p2p connection and VoIP penetration
Support VDSL2 voice splitter
Support the network modes of DHCP,PPPOE and statistic IP 
Support uploading and downloading rate setting
Support TR-069 remote management.
DMT modulation technology can auto adjust the rate to suit the different circuits, it can provide high performance transmission even in a noise interference environment. 

Low cost, great profit
The traditional phone operators can provide the users triple high quality multi-media services just as video, voice and high speed network surfing etc. with VDSL2 technology. All of these make the operators can get high profit at the minimum investment.

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