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WD-P508M-P (8 ports bus topology &Terminal device)

Date:2016-1-7 13:08:34 Hits:851

WD-P508M-P (8 ports bus topology & Terminal device)

Brief introduction
WD-P508M-P can transfer bi-directional data through phone line, not only can connect the client side with phoneline Ethernet bridge through phone line, but also can manage the terminal device through software. It modulates the standard Ethernet signal into the radio-frequency signal which can be transferred in the relatively complicated environment, no wiring and saving time, labor and cost. It mainly used for broadband accessing of community and rural area, industrial automatic control(TCP/IP), remote video transmission, long distance entrance guard network monitoring system, intelligent building control system and multi-media video transmission etc..



High transmission rate 
The transmission rate up to 500Mbps.
Strong compatibility 
Support QAM 16/64/256/1024,DQPSK,DBPSK and ROBO modulation technology, support QOS function and supply Multicast and IGMP function.
High security
Adopt 128-bit AES data encryption and key management technology.
Peer to Peer structure.
Plug and Play, no setting.

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