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WD-E1000M(Civil level)

WD-E1000M(Civil level)

Date:2016-1-7 11:41:15 Hits:1032

WD-E1000M(Civil level)

Brief introduction
WD-E1000M transfers network signals through the existing phoneline, it’s transmission rate up to 1Gbps which can meet many demands of several kinds of businesses. Support IEEE 802.3、ITU-T G.hn-MIMO(G.9963) as well as G.hn standard.



1. Provide 1Gbps transmission rate, meet many demands of the several kinds of businesses.
2. Take phoneline as transfer medium, no wiring.
3. No setting, plug and play.
4. The maximum transmission distance up to 2000m.
5. Meet the demands of G.Hn
6. Support IGMP: IGMP(IPV4) Snooping & MID(IPv6) Snooping.
7. Low power consumption design:≤0.5W(in standby mode)
8. IEEE 802.3/IEEE802.3u ,Compatible with current network protocol.
9. The signal is stable and not interfered by high power electric devices.

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