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WD-E600M(Industrial grade)

Date:2016-1-7 11:36:05 Hits:912

WD-E600M(Industrial grade)

Brief introduction
WD-E600M(Industrial grade) is developed based on the civil level products in different environments, it can solve the long distance network transmission problems in such as high temperature, high pressure, surrounding complicated environment etc., the transmission rate up to 600Mbps and the transmission distance up to 1500m,  all of these make this product can be widely used in mine, armed  force, elevator rebuilding etc., supply high performance long distance network transmission solutions for project business and system integrators. It adopts MINI design, just take few space and easy to place. The aluminum shell shields the outside interference and has the feature of anti-collision. It’s good heat dissipation design prolonged  the life of the usage, it can continue working on power 100 thousands hours. The product can be used matching with WD-P600M, it also can be used in single(at least 2 pieces). Not only can use the phoneline with the telephone to transmit the data, but also can transmit the network through a independent phoneline.



High transmission rate
The maximum transmission rate up to 600Mbps
The maximum transmission distance up to 1500m
Strong compatibility
Support QAM 16/64/256,DQPSK,DBPSK and ROBO modulation technology
Support integrated transmission QoS function, Multicast and IGMP function.
Each extension has 64nodes. 
High safety
Adopt 128 bits AES data encryption and key management technology.
Peer to peer structure.
Plug and play, no setting.

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