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Date:2016-1-6 13:05:03 Hits:883

WD-B600M-X(Web master & POE function) Carrier grade &Local side PLC Ethernet adapter


Brief introduction:
WD-B600M-X is an accessible equipment which can be used by powerline broadband to access the system, it can upgrade the existing powerline network into a telecommunication grade broadband access network which can be operated and managed just with a ultra low investment, the device modulates the standard Ethernet signals which were outputted by OUN(or photoelectric converter) into the radio-frequency signals which can be transmitted through the power line and the adoption of  OFDM technology insures the device can transfer the data reliably in the complicated environment of network.
WD-B600M-X (carrier grade) provides a symmetric upload and download broadband with 270Mbps and takes up low frequency band of 2-68MHz, effectively avoids the conflicts with the existing home appliances. The long transmission distance, high adaption and wide band make the device to be a great weapon to deploy the data network by telecommunication operators.
Topology :

Specification :


(1) Centralized configuration and management ability
       a. IP address, subnet mask, VLAN: support independent centralized network management and SNMP V1/V2/V3 protocols, can configurate IP and subnet mask for the remote management, support VLAN division. 
       b. Support add, delete and modify configuration information function.
       c. Can re-start powerline adapter remotely.
(2) Fault management ability:
       a. Real-time alarm: the webmaster could show the alarm when there are communication faults between PLC bridge and network management platform and make the records of fault alarming which is convenient for the inquiry of the history.
       b. History records of alarming: including inquiry, class statistics, back up data and history data delete functions.
(3) State management ability:
      a. Can display the state of PLC modem(upload and download, link status and rate etc.).
      b. Can configurate the ports of PLC modem(properties, rate limitation, VlanID, Mac address limitation, broadcast storm limitation)
      c. PLC modem state information: support reporting the current device information(including system operation status, current alarming information and historical alarming records etc.) to the webmaster.
(4)Device management:can display the basic information of sub-linked PLC modem: factory information, versions of software and hardware, type of equipment.
(5) Access control: can constrain the access of illegal users through the configuration information of network management platform.
(6) Rate limitation: can limit the rate of PLC modem through the configuration information of network management platform.
(7) Isolation ability: 
     a. Can isolate the user and PLC modem through the configuration information of network management platform.
     b. Can isolate the users among the different PLC modems, can not access to each other.
(8) Maximum quantity of PLC modem can be accessed: each bridge can be accessed 63 PLC modems
(9)Support 1024 MAC address management.

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