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Date:2016-1-6 12:01:42 Hits:882

WD-B500M-P(POE Function) Local side PLC Ethernet bridge

Brief introduction:
WD-B200M-P can be used to erect powerline LAN with a transmission rate up to 500Mbps, no wiring or other complicated implement, just plug it into the power socket, access the out network with a Ethernet line, and then fasten the signal line to the connection port, roll the coupler 2 rounds with the signal line,  fasten the signal line on the in-wire of power line with coupler, use the same way to connect the second one and so on (≤64) ,the ammeters connect in series.

Specification :

Features :
1.High transmission rate
a. Maximum transmission rate up to 500Mbps
b. Effective transmission rate up to 250 Mbps
c. 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface
d.4*PLC ports
e. Maximum sub-client: 63
f. Update in local or on line
2.Strong compatibility
a. Meet the demand of HomePlug AV
b. Support QAM1024/256/64/16,DQPSK,DBPSK and ROBO modulation technology
c.Support integrated delivery of quality assurance (QOS) and IGMP multicast function.
3.High safety: High security:Adopt 128 bits AES data encryption and key management technology
4. Simple installation
a.  Peer to Peer network infrastructure
b.  Plug and Play, no setting.

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