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Date:2016-1-6 11:50:13 Hits:907

WD-B500M(Local side powerline Ethernet bridge)

Brief introduction
    WD-B500M supplies an effective solution for the network erecting of multi-resident unit. The solution makes use of powerline telecommunication technology which can upload the network signals to the powerline to transfer the network data, the residents can get the network signals just need the operators place the optical fiber to the corridor of the unit. WD-B200M supplies a transmission rate at 500Mbps, no wiring or other complicated implement, just plug it into the power socket, access the out network with a Ethernet line, and then fasten the signal line to the connection port, roll the coupler 2 rounds with the signal line, fasten the signal line to the in-wire of power line with coupler, use the same way to connect the second one and so on (≤15) ,the ammeters connect in series.
WD-B500M not only can erect the network of resident unit, but also greatly cut the operating cost for operators. The solution is widely used in the network erecting for apartment and hotel.


1.High transfer rate
a. Transmission rate (data rate) up to 500Mbps
b. Effective transmission rate up to 250 Mbps
c. 10/100Mbps Ethernet interface
d. 4*PLC ports
e. WD-B500M can work with 15pcs powerline adapter slave( eg.WD-200M)
2. High compatibility
a. Homeplug AV standard
b. Support QAM 16/64/256,DQPSK,DBPSK and ROBO modulation techniques
c.Support integrated delivery of quality assurance (QOS) and IGMP multicast function.
3. High security:Adopt 128 bits AES data encryption and key management technology
4. Simple installation
a.  Peer to Peer network infrastructure
b.  Plug and Play, no setting.

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