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Date:2016-1-5 15:06:13 Hits:1195

WD-600MH-PoE(af) Smartlink PLC adapter 

Brief introduction
WD-600MH-PoE(af) makes use of existing powerline to transfer network signal just plug it into the power source wherever you can get, transmission rate up to 600Mbps (Physical bandwidth). It has the feature of Smartlink: transfer wave signals through null wire, power wire and ground wire at the same time and it also has the features just as fast transmission rate and strong anti-interference ability. WD-600MH-PoE(af) (Smarlink ) adopts HomePlug AV2 standard and supports the standards of IEEE1901、IEEE 802.3、IEEE 802.3u, ( Compatible with present series of all 200M/500M PLC modems of WonderTek), WD-600MH PLC adapter is widely used, it can erect LAN quickly through the existing power lines of office and family, and can be used for watching HD, 4k, IPTV program, playing 3D online games, online monitoring etc.. 



(1) Physical transmission rate up to 600Mbps can meet many demands of business..
(2) Take AC100V~220V power wire as transmission medium, transfer the network signals through null line, power line and ground wire, no wiring.
(3) Not need to set, plug and play.
(4) Transmission distance up to 500 meters under normal environment.
(5) )Adopt HomePlugAV2、IEEE1901 standard
(6) Support IGMP
(7) Compatible with HomePlug1.0
(8) Low-power design
(9) IEEE 802.3 / 802.3u is compatible with current network protocol.
(10) Adopt 128-bit AES encryption technology, guarantee the transmission safety.
(11) Meet the demands of FCC CE RoHS.
(12) High compatibility, can be used with WD-200M
(13) Transfer signal Stably and won’t be interfered by high-power electric devices.
(14) Support TR-069

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